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Our Story

How it all began...

Young Berliner, Tom Peters is a master of texture across both the sonic and melodic underground scene.

When this burgeoning DJ/producer’s dropped his first track in 2013 “Take Your Chance” it was released by revered German label Kompakt. That single alone was the culmination of seven years of DJ work and launched Peter’s into the limelight. Since then, he’s signed new music to German label, Get Physical and is about to launch his own label, Black Peters.

This success has also propelled his DJ career ahead playing at some of the most coveted clubs worldwide. His unique blend of dreamy melodies woven into sharply angular sets has won him gigs at clubs like Watergate, Razzmatazz and playing alongside artist like Nicole Moudaber, his own party at about blank, where he hosted artist like Lake People, Sandrino, Benjamin Alexander,Magdalena and Baikal and previous events at Prince Charles Club in Berlin, where he hosted artists like Mind Against, Hunter/Game, Deniz Kurtel and Aerea Negrot.

Peters has also proven to be a multi-faceted artist and renaissance man launching and serving as creative director for his own bespoke line of T-shirts for Save Fashion. The collection of custom T-shirts emblazoned with hand-painted graffiti slogans are both stylish and unapologetically confrontational. In scratchy custom typefaces arranged with stark geometry, his shirts tell an entire stories in just a few words: “I LOVED YOU” said one in red; “DREAMONDREAMER” said another, in fractured run-on. But “I THINK ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME” resonated loudest: A brave yet vulnerable statement that didn’t mean any one thing, not even to Peters.

It’s really intense,” he says about the evocative line. “I think when it started it was about love; when you really love somebody, you’re crazy about that person, and you think about that person constantly. That changed really quickly to me traveling around the world, thinking about friends and family all the time. Now I think about my music all the time. It’s not just one thing, it’s a whole lifestyle.

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